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Sunday, December 18, 2011


life as a University student is time to have a lot of experience, this my 1st time write in my blog use english language.. Talk about language,every country have own language like Malaysia the native language is Bahasa Malaysia I very proud with bahasa Malaysia but i dont know why our Malaysian people not interesting with bahasa malaysia i take example in University..i this example from my experience, Malaysian student also don want to take bahasa Malaysia as a language subject..they like take korean,japan and another language. We must take national language as priority to our country.. we see a 1st class country they have their own language and their use it and if have a tourist,them need to talk their native language. But in Malaysia WHY we not use another languange . In all university their more to english why their not teach in malay. their give excuse if we don't learn a english we will left behind than another country. For me it not true. Japan their use their own language but still move forward than another country.i hope in future malaysian people take serious about national language. Sorry to all reader if my grammar not correct. tq

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